We live in Dalecarlia-Sweden in a small place called Insjön.

We bought our first dog in 1967. It was a German sheperd and after that everything started...Our first Siberian came to us in 1971 and it was a female from Finland. The same year we also bought a Norwegian male.

Our kennelname was registrated and approved by the Swedish kennelclub in 1972. Heidiburgh´s first Siberian husky litter was born in 1973. At that time we already had Breed four German sheeperd litters in our kennel,but from now on we concentrated more In breeding Siberians.

A sled was bought and the breeding of German sheeperd was almost down, but there has
always been at least one German sheeperd in our kennel.
The goal with our breeding is to get healty,good working sleddogs with a nice look.