Silver medal at Swedish Championship. place at Swedish National. place at local national.

Daily playground

Eskil and Emma

Camilla at Shamdraget -08

Camilla at World Championship -08

Lasse and Heidiburgh´s Ghost Breeze

Sofia and Pumkin in action


Training run  new year-06

SUCH:Luis Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes (10 yar)

Granat & Eskil

Heidiburgh´s Eskil

Heidiburgh´s Eskil  BOB-puppy

 BIG 2 (judge Erna-Britt Nordin)
Nordic Open-06.Dogs are:

S(POLAR)CH Heidiburgh´s X-Stasy
S(POLAR)CH Heidiburgh´s Cocco Chanel (Manda)

S(POLAR)CH Trahimus Sudden (Kazan)
S(POLAR)CH Heidiburgh´s Cool Casper

S(POLAR)CH Varggården´s Bandit
S(POLAR)CH Heidiburgh´s Ömza


Swedish Championchip -06

SM-Vinnare  -05

Silvermedal at local competition

Sometimes you´re allowed in bed

Race Femunden (Norway) -04

 Nordic Open -04


Playtime and cuddle

Our B-litter after Luis Amaroc of Too- Cha- Tes and Heidiburgh´s Zimba

Male - H. Biramiz | Females – H. Belle Enya, H. Bacardi Breezer, H. Birka, H. Bjärva

Nordic Open

 Norsk vintersamling 01

Hamra -03

Fäboddraget -03

Nordic Open



Heidiburgh´s Satan & Rookie´s Pontus

Heidiburgh´s FoxFoot & Igloo Pak´s Chena after training

Tre offspring males after Snowtrails Speedy born 1986-87

J - litter 1985

Fryksås 1982

Show in Älvkarleby 1980. Heidiburgs Excellent Eyes won BOB

First team 1979-80

Competition 1980

Heidiburghs Chocise born 1978

Ready to go!