First training with sleed this winter

 Photo: Maria Karacs

We have 18 dogs in training to this point, whom are devided to two 9-teams. (Movie clip >>)

Team 1

Team 2

SPHK:s Show in Arboga 6/10

Heidiburghs Farkas. 1ökl, 3ökk,CK.
Heidiburghs Eskil. 1ökl, 4ökk.
Heidiburghs Ghost Girl. 1jun, 3junkk,HP.
Heidiburghs Ghost Blaze. 2jun.
Heidiburghs Breeder Group. 1 HP.

Breeder Group

Farkas and Eskil

Swedish Siberian husky special in Bjursås 15-16/9  Judge Vincent Buoniello USA

Judge Vincent Buoniello, our musher Camilla and Cajsa Cavat.

Eric and Farkas

Breeder group: Farkas. Eric. Frosty. Luna.

11 Heidiburghs dogs enter the show, here are 10 of them
( Furia missing)

Heidiburghs Ghost Buster. 2 Juniorclass
Heidiburghs Ghost Echo. 1 Juniorclass
Heidiburghs Eric. 1ökl. 1ökk.Ck. 3.rd Best Male.
Heidiburghs Farkas. 1 ökl. 2 ökk.CK.
Heidiburghs Ghost Blaze. 2 Juniorclass
Heidiburghs Ghost Pumkin. 1 Juniorclass.
Heidiburghs Ghost Luna. 1.Reserw CK Juniorclass.
Heidiburghs Frosty. 1 Workingclass
Heidiburghs Furia.1 Workingclass
Heidiburghs Cajsa Cavat. 1 Openclass
Heidiburghs Emma. 0 Openclass
SUCH: Luia Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes Veteran
S(polar)CH: Kilbuck´s Matrix. 1 HP Breeder Class
Unisak´s Towa. 1 Hp Breeder Class.
Heidiburghs. 1 HP Breeder Group.
Congratulations to all of you


SPHK:s Show in  Simmatorp 8/9

Heidiburghs Ghost Pumkin. 1 kv. 1 kk. HP. Juniorklass.

Heidiburghs  Elza. 1 ökl.

Heidiburghs Ödla. 2 ökl.

S polar CH: Trahimus Sudden. 2 ökl.


Heidiburghs Ghost Pumkin.

SKK:s Show in Askersund 11/8

Heidiburghs Emma: 1ökl  2 ökl CK

SKK:s International Show in Svenstavik 4/8

Heidiburghs Eskil: 1 ökl 2 ökkl

16/7 Summer baht

All kennelns 24 dogs get there summer bath.

Today, the family Skyes 12 huskies have there bath.
Now remains “only”
grooming before they  goes home on Saturday.

Then remains our own 24,  but that´ll be next week.

Congratulations Angelica and Heidiburgh´s Baccardi Breezer (Nomi) to the successes at Agillity track

BIS-puppy Heidiburgh´s Ghost Echo  / BOS-puppy Heidiburgh´s Ghost Luna

3 x BIS! This weekend.

NSHK´s Specialutställning 27/5-07
Judge: Robert Sellevik.

Heidiburgh´s Eric 1/1 CAC BIS!

Heidiburgh´s Ghost Echo BIS-puppy!

Heidiburgh´s Ghost Luna BOS-puppy

Congratulations Tora&Viggo!


BIS  Heidiburgh´s Eric  /   BOS  Snöheimen´s Tanja

The judge Robert Selleviks comment to the exhibition:

“The exhibition's big height point pursues me where the young male dog, Heidiburghs Eric, that became today's clear winner and was, almost, in a class for itself. A dog, that after my sense, holds high international class.  Correct type and size, well angled, typical head, good  well-balanced body, correct cross,, permanent and stable with excellent moves.

My most genial congratulations to the owners and to the breeder.

Such dogs see we gladly several of!”


SPHK´s Puppy show 26/5-07

Heidiburgh´s Ghost Pumkin BIS! Puppy

SPHK´s Lövudden 17/5-07

Heidiburgh´s Eskil. 1/4 ökl.

Heidiburgh´s Emma. 2 ökl.(to fat)

Heidiburgh´s Ghost Blaze. BOB. BIS! (puppy 6-9m) Congtatulations Rosmarie & Anders!


Dalarnas Kennelklubb Avesta 14/4-07

Heidiburgh´s Ghost Pumkin. BOB. BIG/5-puppy.

Congratulations to Heidiburgh´s Fly! Musher Patrick Logeais. France.

Gold  medal sprint

Congratulations to Heidiburgh´s Eric! Musher Tora Kleven/Viggo Jörgensen.Norway.

Silver medal at Norwegian Championchip


Congratulations to Heidiburgh´s Furia "Heidi" Musher Tarja Pyykkö.

Silver medal  at Swedish Championchip!

Camilla &Team Heidiburgh 

4plac SH-Cup!With only 2 competitions this season.

At the Sphk raceweekend in Nornäs (Sham race) we got a first prize with a 6 dog team

With seven bitches being in heat at the kennel (two in the team) we didn’t know how the set up  would be. Two relatively inexperienced young bitches were trusted to go in lead Frosty and Dizl, witch they did very well! The rest of the team was: Sudden, Casper, Cocco, Decco. Congratulations to Casper and Cocco who completed their S(polar)CH title!  


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