7/10 SPHK Härjarö

Heidiburgh´s Emma. 1/2 Young dog class.

Heidiburgh´s Farkas.1/3 Junior. Congratulations Petter!

SUCH:Luis Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes. BOS Veteran.2 best male.

16/9 Swedish Club for Siberian huskie´s Evertsberg.

Heidiburgh´s Eric. 1/1 Hp Junior  Congratulations Tora/Viggo/Eric!

Heidiburgh´s Emma. 1/1 Hp,Ck,Junior,1/1 CAC , BOS!

Heidiburgh´s Cool Casper. 1/3 workingclass.

Heidiburgh´s Cocco Chanel. 2 workingclass.

Swedish CH:Luis Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes. 1/1 veteran BIS/2 Veteran.

Breederclass 1 Hp.

Studclass.1Hp.(Best group)

9/9 SPHK Simmatorp

Luis Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes. BIS/2 Veteran! and CHAMPION!!


3/6 SKK/Österbybruk

Heidiburgh´s Eskil. 1/1Hp Juniorclass.

22/5 We have eyechecked 15 of our dogs.

14 of them was OK! but  unfortunately our finnish import  Arctic Soul Vostok  was not. (PHTVL/PHPV.gr.1V)

At SPHK´s  35year jubilation show 20/5-06

20/5 We did wery well at Swedish dogshow for polardogs!!

Heidiburgh´s Vittra. BOB. BIS/3

Luis Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes.BOS. BIS-veteran.

3 new Racing champion´s at the kennel!

Handlers Sofia Samuelsson & Uffe Johansson.Judge:  Gunilla Sandberg.

Dalarnas Kennelclub  8/4-06

Heidiburgh´s Eskil. BOB. BIG. BIS-R. (puppy 6-9)

Heidiburgh´s Frosty. BOS. (puppy 6-9)


28/10-05 Heidiburgh´s Fly to France


1/9-05 Heidiburgh´s Eric to Norway

 E litter (pics)

F litter (pics)

5/5 Arctic Soul Vostok BOB-puppy 2-BIS-puppy  at Lövudden.

22/11 From Finland Arctic Soul Vostok Import

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22/11 Heidiburgh´s Dynamite Dusty to Arctic Soul Kennel. Finland.


20/10 Heidiburgh´s Dynamite Dimond to Färöarna

9/10 Luis Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes  4 best male.1 Hp Breederclass puppy

Kloten. Judge:  Erna-Britt Nordin

25/7 Congrats  WALLE!CAC. BOB. And  Championat!

 Congrats  VITTRA! CAC. BOS.  Ransäter, Judge:  Erna-Britt Nordin

20/6 Congrats VITTRA! CAC. BOS.  Avesta Judge:  Karsten Grönås

We got the hounor for the second time! The Swedish Kennelclub Price For Breeding Working Dogs!

Luis Amaroc of Too- Cha- Tes BOS in ÖSTA 2003

Heidiburgh´s Wayward Wind  Best In Show in Tiveden 2003!!!