Heidiburghs Farkas. Eyechecked clear. 21/8

 Heidiburghs Eric, Heidiburghs Ghost Echo, Heidiburghs Ghost Luna all are eyechecked  clear 24/6.

Photo: Petter Hillborg.

6/6 Show
Heidiburghs Emma. BOB. BIG/2 *** Heidiburghs Farkas. BOS.

17th of May. Where did summer go?

World Championship 2008 in Åsarna, Sweden

Camilla start day one.

Foto: Mia Karacs

Photo: Tora Kleven.
World Championship 2008 in Åsarna, Sweden
Congratulations Tarja Pyykkö to
6.th place. 4-dogs class sprint.
With Heidiburghs Furia.(Heidi)


In lead: Heidiburghs Fly (right)
At àDonovaly en SLOVAQUIE

Congratulations Patrick Logais winner of 12-dogs sprintclass.
With Heidiburghs Fly in lead.

Congratulations Viggo Jorgensen to Silvermedal at Norwegian special

Photo: Kari Hope
Heidiburghs offsprings at the team was: Heidiburghs Eric, Heidiburghs Ghost Ecco, Heidiburghs Ghost Luna.

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